Update #5 – Programming and Design

Hey guys,

so for today we can only give you a small update.

As already mentioned, we started doing the programming of our game “Drag & Destroy”. In our group we have three people who are doing the programming work: Nils, Linh and Sven. Everyone of them is programming a specific part of our project:

One of them is trying to do the background of the game with the different areas (safe area/destroyable area).
Another is trying to start implementing the enemies. For now we try to do the basic enemies, so the ones you can destroy by pressing either the A or B button after dragging and dropping them.
And another is starting to implement the Drag & Drop mechanism with the kinect.

The rest of the group is starting to think about the overall design, especially the design of the enemies. As we said in our presentation we want to do a rather abstract design. You can see a rough sketch of our ideas how the enemies will probably look like here. If you have a favourite, you can tell us in the comment section.

At last we also started to think about our video which we also have to prepare for this project. Hopefully, we can give you a basic idea of the concept of our video next week.

So that’s it for today, see you next week!

Group E


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