Update #8

Hello friends! This week, we have som more updates for you updates 🙂

The biggest change made from last week is the change of how we are planning to implement the grabbing of enemies in our game. Our plan was to move enemies from one area to another by using a grabbing hand gesture (having an open hand and then closing it). Unfortunately we were not able to implement this gesture, due to it being very difficult to make the Kinect identify the motion of grabbing, so instead we are now moving enemies between areas by just hovering with the hand above them and them moving the hand to the desired area. This is so far working quite well and is feeling natural. Hopefully we can evaluate it more later on as the game is developed even further.

Another big change is the design of the enemies. As mentioned in our last post, we did a little survey with the audience to find out which of the enemy design was preferred by the audience of our presentation. As we decided on the latest design we also managed to create a simple but yet quite impactful animated version of our original design. We all concluded that this was the best way to make the enemies look more living and not as lifeless as before.



That was it for this week! Stay tuned for the next update in one week!


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