Update #9

Hi guys,

this is probably going to be the last real update we’re going give you.

The programming part is almost finished. We only need to fix some bugs so that everything runs smoothly for the prototype presentation next week. Unfortunately, we couldn’t implement as many ideas as we would liked to due to some problems we faced during the implementation. So for now, there are only 2 different enemy types in the game, the A and B enemies.

We also decided on which background we’re going to use. It’s an animated one so that the game as a whole looks more lively. In addition to that, we’re stepping back from the “background 2 areas”-idea and are going with a more simplistic design. In the center of the background the player will see a portal where he has to drag and drop the enemies in order to destroy them.

Background of the game

Background of the game

Moreover, we also picked the background music for the game (we decided to use a 8-bit soundtrack). You can listen to it by clicking here. To be honest, it was kinda hard to find a fitting music track for our game but in the end we went with the one we think is the most fitting.

That’s it for today, see you next time!

Group E


2 thoughts on “Update #9

    1. Yes, of course! We found the image via google here: http://imgur.com/a/GPlx4 (whole fighting game background collection). To be honest, we didn’t know at first where this image comes from but after some image reverse searching, we found out that this background image is from the game “The King of Fighters XI” for the Playstation 2 (2005).


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