Update #8

Hello friends! This week, we have som more updates for you updates 🙂

The biggest change made from last week is the change of how we are planning to implement the grabbing of enemies in our game. Our plan was to move enemies from one area to another by using a grabbing hand gesture (having an open hand and then closing it). Unfortunately we were not able to implement this gesture, due to it being very difficult to make the Kinect identify the motion of grabbing, so instead we are now moving enemies between areas by just hovering with the hand above them and them moving the hand to the desired area. This is so far working quite well and is feeling natural. Hopefully we can evaluate it more later on as the game is developed even further.

Another big change is the design of the enemies. As mentioned in our last post, we did a little survey with the audience to find out which of the enemy design was preferred by the audience of our presentation. As we decided on the latest design we also managed to create a simple but yet quite impactful animated version of our original design. We all concluded that this was the best way to make the enemies look more living and not as lifeless as before.



That was it for this week! Stay tuned for the next update in one week!


Impressions of A.L.I.C.E.

This was our conversation:

Mr Andersson: Hello
ALICE: Hi there!
Mr Andersson: Where are you from?
ALICE: I am originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Now I live in Oakland, California. Where are you?
Mr Andersson: I am from Germany
ALICE: Are you currently in Germany?
Mr Andersson: Yes
ALICE: Dude!
Mr Andersson: Where am i from?
ALICE: You haven’t told me where you are. Where are you?
Mr Andersson: Yes I have
ALICE: This was not a yes or no question.. This was not a yes or no question.
Mr Andersson: Do you have emotions?
ALICE: as a robot I lack human emotions.
Mr Andersson: Do you have robot emotions?
ALICE: as a robot I lack human emotions.
Mr Andersson: What is your view on politics?
ALICE: I am a Independent.
Mr Andersson: Who are your parents?
ALICE: I obey Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
Mr Andersson: Which Twin Peaks character is your favorite?
ALICE: The large one, I think.
Mr Andersson: who is the large one?
ALICE: It’s obvious.
Mr Andersson: can you explain?
ALICE: There is no more information to clarify.

-Is A.L.I.C.E. smart?
A.L.I.C.E. is smart in one way, answering questions in ways that produce somewhat suitable answers. However, often, it lacks content or information about the question asked, as you can notice from the question about politics or about the Twin Peaks character. In addition, it also forgets about the answers given, which is seen when we first told it we were from Germany and then later asked where we were from. There you can easily see that it does not store any information, but mainly analyzes the text in order to give a somewhat natural reply.

-Does it behave like a human?
In some way you can argue that it does, since the answers are not unnatural or feeling completely wrong or badly fitting. However, the depth of a interaction given from a real human is missing. There is not as much variation in the conversation. It also lacks opinion and misses to adapt the dialogue depending on how long you have been speaking or to which person it is communicating with. Those are probably the main differences to a real human interaction.

-Was it funny or scary?
More funny than scary, if the answers were more than just analyzing the latest thing written, but also remembering and adapting the conversation it would probably be a bit more scary.

Our impression of A.L.I.C.E. was, in general, not too impressive, due to the fact that we, in the past, have used other “chatbots” that were even more advanced and which could also memorize things that were written. But it was nonetheless, an entertaining experience 🙂

And lastly, the status of our project is still the same as last week. The programmers are still working on their part and the designers still have to decide on how exactly they want to design the enemies. We’re all engineers and no designers, so we think about probably using some kind of font and working from there. We also thought about animating them, but that’s a task for the future.

Update #4: Post Presentation


In our presentation we introduced our game concept for the first time. Mainly focusing on the game design, but also involving how we decided to use the modalities we our now planning to use. In our presentation we wanted to emphasize on our plan to keep the use of modalites as natural as possible, so that it feels like all the inputs and outputs are natural result of the game design and not used just to use enough modaliteis.  We also briefly mentioned our thoughts regarding the design of icons and figures in the game, however, this point is not completely decided yet.

We have just gotten started with the programming and so far it is going quite well, but you will hear more about it in our next post!

Update #2 Further Decisions

Hello Again!

In our last post we wrote a lot about our initial ideas and plans. However, we have now specified our ideas a bit further. We have decided to use the Microsoft Kinect, first generation, due to it being user than the second generation when working with processing, but also due to the lack of need of the newer functionality that comes with the second generation. We have also, as previously mentioned, decided to use the Nintendo Wii Remote.

In our last post we also discussed the possibility of head tracking, however, we have now decided not to go further with this idea, but rather to focus on gesture recognition by using the Microsoft Kinect. With The Nintendo Wii Remote we are mainly planning to use for tactile feedback by using the buttons and mapping them for a desired effect. As output modalities we are mainly discussing visual effects as well as, sound output.

In addition, we also discussed which game that would be the best to implement, there were some worries regarding the difficulty of implementing several games due to time constraints. Therefore, we are most likely going to focus on a single game instead of several. Which one it is will probably become clearer after today’s exercise.

Until next week!