Final Update: Video

Hi guys,

everyone who wants to see our video can check it out by clicking here.

We all wish you a well deserved semester break and may you all ace your upcoming exams!

Group E


Update #10

Hi guys,

last update for now, I guess.

So we finished and polished our game as good as possible and incorporated the feedback of the other groups thanks to the evaluation excercise last week. But we don’t want to spoil everything in this blog post because we’re going to say everything we want so say tomorrow during the demo presentation. We also have a little surprise in the beginning which we hope you all will enjoy!

The last week we also mainly focused on filming for the demonstration video which is due next week. It was really fun (but also exhausting!) and everything you need to know about this project will be in the video. So stay tuned until the video is released.

Group E

Update #9

Hi guys,

this is probably going to be the last real update we’re going give you.

The programming part is almost finished. We only need to fix some bugs so that everything runs smoothly for the prototype presentation next week. Unfortunately, we couldn’t implement as many ideas as we would liked to due to some problems we faced during the implementation. So for now, there are only 2 different enemy types in the game, the A and B enemies.

We also decided on which background we’re going to use. It’s an animated one so that the game as a whole looks more lively. In addition to that, we’re stepping back from the “background 2 areas”-idea and are going with a more simplistic design. In the center of the background the player will see a portal where he has to drag and drop the enemies in order to destroy them.

Background of the game

Background of the game

Moreover, we also picked the background music for the game (we decided to use a 8-bit soundtrack). You can listen to it by clicking here. To be honest, it was kinda hard to find a fitting music track for our game but in the end we went with the one we think is the most fitting.

That’s it for today, see you next time!

Group E


Hi guys,

in the last exercise session we had to present the current status of our project. You can see the slides we used by clicking here.

Overall we think that we are on track with our project. So we will be able to present a working prototype in the near future.
There are of course some obstacles we have to overcome, especially in regards to the programming. That is why we still don’t know if can pull off everything we would like to do because we have so many ideas we’d like to implement. So for now we’re concentrating on doing the main and basic stuff of our project (that means we focus firstly on implementing the basic feature of our game and the basic enemy types).

During our presentation we also did a little survey regarding the design of our basic enemy types. Suprisingly, most people decided on a different design than we as group decided on. Still, we think that our choice is the more interesting one, no offence guys :-). You can check them out in the slides.

That’s it for now, untill next week!

Group E

Update #5 – Programming and Design

Hey guys,

so for today we can only give you a small update.

As already mentioned, we started doing the programming of our game “Drag & Destroy”. In our group we have three people who are doing the programming work: Nils, Linh and Sven. Everyone of them is programming a specific part of our project:

One of them is trying to do the background of the game with the different areas (safe area/destroyable area).
Another is trying to start implementing the enemies. For now we try to do the basic enemies, so the ones you can destroy by pressing either the A or B button after dragging and dropping them.
And another is starting to implement the Drag & Drop mechanism with the kinect.

The rest of the group is starting to think about the overall design, especially the design of the enemies. As we said in our presentation we want to do a rather abstract design. You can see a rough sketch of our ideas how the enemies will probably look like here. If you have a favourite, you can tell us in the comment section.

At last we also started to think about our video which we also have to prepare for this project. Hopefully, we can give you a basic idea of the concept of our video next week.

So that’s it for today, see you next week!

Group E

Update #3 – Project E

Hi guys,

today we want to give you a short update of our project. Basically, we just specified our idea further during the group work exercise.

In short, we want to implement some kind of “shooting game” (think of Space Invaders), which is not your usual kind of shooter. We want to try to make our multimodal inputs the key feature of the game – so in order to “win” the game, you have to master the usage of the wii mote and the kinect (so in the one hand you have the wii mot and the other one is used for gestures). We still don’t have a name for our game, so if you have any interesting inputs, tell us in the comments section. We tought about something like “Drag and Destroy” (wip titel). So in the end, we decided to implement only one game and not several mini games.

This game has different key features, which will be explained more in detail during our presentation on wednesday. For now, we will only list some features so that you get an idea about our concept:

(1) This game features different areas on the screen. Enemies can only be destroyed on specific areas. The player has to drag and drop them in the “destroyable area”.

(2) It also features different kind of enemy types and therefore different ways of destroying themĀ  (pressing specific buttons, holding the enemy for several seconds).

(3) The player has a weapon in order to destroy enemies. It is possible to implement different type of weapons so that you need specific weapons for specific enemies. Changing weapons can be achieved by doing specific gestures or pressing buttons.

This is it for now. For more information just be present during the presentation.

Until next week!

Update #1 – Idea and Modalities

Hey guys,

in this blog post we want to spend some time updating you on a lot of what is happening on the project.

Since our first group meeting (basically the day we met and formed the group) we have been thinking about possible ideas we would like to work on this semester. Naturally, this idea has to be possible to implement and within the limits of our resources. On the one hand, we thought about modifying existing systems into their respective multimodal version. We would achieve this by adding several input and output modalities (check our 2nd blog post for a more detailed description of the project work). For example, we thought about creating a multimodal version of a calculator by adding several different ways of input possibilities as well as output possiblities. This was one possible way on taking on this project but in the end modality was not the key feature of these kind of ideas. That is why we decided to keep on trying to come up with something more nice and sublime. Then Linh came up with a great idea where we all instantly thought “this has to be the one”.

So basically, we want to implement different short, simple and challenging games, so called minigames. The style of the minigames varies because of different input modalities we will choose for this system.

This is a work in progress idea so we still haven’t finalized our decisions but for now we would like to implement games which are based on simple touching/tactile inputs by using a Nintendo Wii Remote (10 easiliy accesable buttons, probably the Plus version) and possibly even trying to find use of the accelerometer. In addition, the Microsoft Kinect would serve as a visual input. We still haven’t decieded on what kind of visual recognition we would like to implement (e.g. full body recognition, face recognition, gaze tracking). Interestingly, we also thought about some kind of pulse meter for another optional input. On of our ideas was that as soon as your pulse rises, the difficulty or speed of the game will rise too (but still, just an optional thought). The output will be visual and sonic, so graphic generation (display) and sound generation (maybe some fancy things like 3D sound generation and or playing of simple sounds).

In the following, you can see wip titles of games which are listed on our “possible-to-implement list”:

Catch Me If You Can – Catching a moving point using certain buttons
Duck Hunt – Shooting objects, which are moving on the screen
Hit The Ball Back – Basically baseball, maybe with some kind of speed recognition
Don’t Touch The Objects – Evading moving objects
Draw Something – Drawing by gesturing
Different Sport Activities

There is still room for more ideas but this is what we initially came up with. For now, we try to get more familiar with our input choices and try to see if these devices can do everything we want them to do or rather how we would like them to function.

That’s all for today, see you next week!
Group E